Parent Portal Information


Link to Parent Portal:


As part of our efforts to support educational excellence through effective parent communication, we are pleased to provide access for the parents of students enrolled in Locust Valley Middle School and Locust Valley High School to our online Parent Portal.
Through the Parent Portal, parents are able to view student schedules, progress reports and report cards. In order to access the Parent Portal, each parent needs the username and password that has been mailed to your place of residence.
Parents, who need assistance logging into the Portal, should email  for support.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I see on the Parent Portal?

Parents and Guardians can view student schedules, progress reports and report cards.

How do I logon to my Parent Portal Account?

To logon to your Parent Portal account you will need to have access to the website , your username and password. Your username and password were mailed to your residence.

What if I can’t logon?

A common problem is using Google or other search engines to find the Parent Portal. As many schools have a Parent Portal, it is likely that you were directed to the wrong site. The correct link is

What if I can't find the paperwork mailed to my residence?
Just email us at and we will resend the Parent Portal information to your residence. Account information is never given out over the phone or email.

What if I forget my password?

If you have previously logged into the parent portal but have forgotten your password you can select the Forgot Password? link on the login screen ( ). You will receive an email from the Parent Portal (the address is If you have never logged in to the Parent Portal, you will need the username and information sent to your residence.

What if I didn't receive an email from the eSchool Parent Portal with instructions on how to recover my password?

It normally takes just a few minutes to receive the email message with instructions on how to recover your password. Check to make sure your e-mail rules and/or SPAM filter is not set to deny delivery of email sent from the eSchool Portal system. You can also try adding the eSchool Portal email address to your email address book and/or try adding this email address to your "white" list or list of approved senders.