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  Coordinated Parents' Council

Together we are a voice; separately we are a whisper.


September 2008


Dear Parents,


We are thrilled to be serving together again as Co-Presidents of the Coordinated Parents’ Council for the upcoming school year.  On behalf of all our Parent groups, we are delighted to extend a warm welcome to all the new families of the Locust Valley Central School District, and to those families who are already a part of our school community, “Welcome Back!” 


We anticipate another rewarding year ahead, and urge everyone to support the students of the Locust Valley Central School District by joining one or more of our parent organizations.   The programs and events offered by these groups become more successful with your help.  We encourage and invite all to join!  There are a number of ways parents can contribute. 


On occasion there may be a need for parent representatives on Site Base Teams.  Site Base Teams have been instrumental in addressing topic such as:  student achievement, quality of curriculum and instruction, safety and building issues pertaining to individual sites, etc.  In the past, meeting dates and times were decided upon by members of the individual sites.  Why not take advantage of this great opportunity to work cohesively with administrators and teachers.


In addition to Site Base, there may be a need for parent representatives for various Interview Committees throughout the year.  Meeting and interview times and days vary based on the needs of the individual Interview Committee’s.


We also seek representation from each Parent group to assist our Budget Committee.  Members of the Budget Committee meet to foster ideas and act as a liaison between the committee and the voting public. 


If you choose to serve as a representative for the Budget Committee, Interview Committee or Site Base Team please complete and submit a WILLINGNESS TO SERVE form, found on the Locust Valley Central School District web page.  Click on Parents for the CPC link.  Mail completed form to


The Locust Valley Central School District

Administration Building

Horse Hollow Road

Locust Valley, NY  11560

Attention:  Coordinated Parents’ Council


This year we welcome many new faces to the Locust Valley School District.  Why not take advantage of the opportunity to become better acquainted with some of these people by attending the monthly meetings of our Parent organizations.  Parent involvement is the key to a successful school community.  Please choose to become involved. 


Should you have any questions or concerns at any time during the school year, you are always welcome to contact either of us.  We can be reached by email at


or if you prefer by phone.    If we cannot assist you, we will put you in contact with someone who can.



     Denise Hahn and Helen Levitt

Co-Presidents CPC

(516) 674-4772   (516)238-6949