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Professional Resources

Want to find out what your libraries have to offer and how you can collaborate with your library colleagues?  Check out the new Staff Bulletin for details.

Interested in using podcasting in your class? Take a look at the

Podcasting FAQ for some tips and ideas.

LOCUST VALLEY MIDDLE / HIGH SCHOOL OPAC  Search our OPAC (online public access catalog) for professional books and other materials available throughout our district libraries.

Click here to access the Locust Valley Middle/ High School Research Guide.

New York State Office of Teaching web site offers professional resources, info on certification and much more.

For information on the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) go to the United States Department of Education  and the Houghton Mifflin NCLB web site. Nassau BOCES also maintains the NCLB Central  web site with a wealth of resources.

Education World: The Educator's Best Friend  is a total resource for teachers. Take a look!

ERIC Digests offers full-text access to several thousand ERIC Digests in many education areas.

ProQuest Professional Collection This collection offers full-text of thousands of educational journal articles. You will need a user name and password, available in the library.

TeachingBooks offers a tremendous amount of resources to help engage students with books and reading including author programs, reading guides and links to authors' web sites.  You will need a user name and password, available in the library.

Programs and Performers  is a great site for connecting with authors, speakers and other types of performers that connect with your curriculum.

Essential Questions

International Baccalaureate Program

Global Education

21st Century Information & Data Literacy Skills

Achievement Gap

Primary Documents: Sources and Lesson Plans

Curriculum Resources and Lesson Plans

Individual Needs and ELL

Pedagogy & Statistics

Assessments and Rubrics

Educational Technology

Web Plagiarism

Journals and Magazines

Professional Associations



FromNowOn Questioning Toolkit includes examples of a variety of different types of questions.

The Bellingham Schools Research Page  provides explanations and examples of essential questions for elementary level curriculum. The examples are also useful for developing questions for upper grade levels.

Essential Question How To from Math Star

Writing Essential Questions offers examples and great links to more info.


International Baccalaureate Program  is the official web site of the IBO.

Universities that Recognize the IB Program IB maintains a database of information on university polices toward the IB program. It is an excellent resource to use to help answer parent and student questions regarding how IB is viewed by a particular school. The database is fairly comprehensive. Go to the section of the page entitled:
"Universities that recognize the IB diploma," select a university using the drop-down menu and click "GO."

The Concord Review includes reprints of actual IB students' extended essays in history.



The American Forum for Global Education  offers teaching materials with a global perspective and publishes Issues in Global Education.


Learning for the 21st Century  offers specific curricula that schools can use to foster new literacy skills.

The Evolving Definition of Literacy is part of an online course entitled "Information Inquiry for Teachers" and includes many resources for teaching various literacies.

21st Century Information Fluency Project Portal  features teacher-created lesson plans for all grade levels.

21st Century Literacies -- Reading the World  Here's a nice set of handouts and exercises to help your students learn 21st century literacy skills. They include "Reading Media Photographs" and "Visual Literacy Project."

What's So Different about the 21st Century?  provides a solid introduction to the new literacy skills.

The Decline of Reading and Sustained Silent Reading are two articles by literacy expert Stephen Krashen, author of The Power of Reading.

Exploring Data   This website provides curriculum support materials for teachers of introductory statistics.

Partnership for 21st Century Skills

SRI Center for Technology in Learning  



Education Week Issues A to Z  includes a comprehensive discussion of the achievement gap.

Parsing the Achievement Gap from ETS examines conditions that help create and perpetuate achievement gaps.

Education Commission of the States explores what various states are doing to close achievement gaps.



DBQs: Using Primary Resources in the Classroom  is a great source for ideas on how to teach students to analyze primary documents. Includes tips on how to create your own orimary documents and a tutorial on using the American Memory Project for primary documents.

The Learning Page at The American Memory Historical Collections at the Library of Congress contains more than eighty collections of high quality primary source documents, pamphlets, books, photos, images, films, speeches, songs, and other multimedia resources. There are also collection guides, student activities, and lesson plans.

The National Archives and Records Administration  has digitized hundreds of thousands of text documents, maps, photos, and sound recordings, along with historical records. Go to The The National Archives and Digital Classroom for several lesson ideas.

Repositories of Primary Sources is a listing of over 4400 websites describing holdings of manuscripts, archives, rare books, historical photographs, and other primary sources for research.

Turn of the Century Child includes  lessons for interpreting primary documents in the context of learning about the life of American children at the turn of the century.


Cable in the Classroom includes links to hundreds of support materials and web sites including Bravo in the Classroom, CNN's Daily Classroom Guide, Discovery Channel Teacher, Food Network's Good Eats Lesson Plans, Sci-Fi Channel's Lesson Plans, The Weather Classroom and much more.

BlueWeb'n Learning Sites  A library of Blue Ribbon learning sites provided by Pacific Bell. Sign up to receive weekly updates through e-mail.

The Education Index is an annotated guide to hundreds of educational web sites organized by subject and grade level. There are sixty-six categories included.

The Columbia Education Center presents classroom activities developed by participants in this project.

PBS TeacherSource  includes more than 1,400 online lesson plans and suggested activities that relate to PBS' educational programs. Features include: suggestions on interdisciplinary teaching; material organized by curriculum area, topic, and grade level; professional development services such as PBS Mathline and Scienceline; info on PBS programming; and tips on teaching with technology.

Kathy Schrock's Guide to K-12 Internet Resources is the premiere web guide to Internet resources for every subject area. A must see for all educators.

The Gateway to Educational Materials  This is a keyword searchable database that offers more than 12,000 lesson plans, activities, and projects. Select your grade level from the site's search page and type in your search terms.

AskERIC Lesson Plan Collection Search a collection of more than 1,000 lesson plans by topic or keyword.

Thinkport  is a collection of lesson plans, projects and student activities, video clips and online field trips.

The Family Education Network for Teachers offers lesson plans organized by topic and by theme.

Cyber English  is a web-based text on teaching English using the Internet. There are many helpful links included.

Web English Teacher  This award-winning site offers a wealth of online materials organized into twenty-five categories covering every aspect of language arts.

History and Social Studies Resources for K-12 Teachers (dboals)  Hundreds of primary sources and other links for all areas of history and social studies.

Social Studies Lesson Plans includes hundreds of lesson plans shared by teachers from around the country for both middle and high school grades.

Economic Education Web At this site you will find lesson plans that address such concepts as international trade, supply and demand and how the Constitution has shaped the economy.

Nancy Matson's Lesson Plans  are organized by grade and subject and include a three-part high school lesson on the Cold War, middle school lessons on adjectives, and more.

Teachers Discovering History  is a great resource for teachers of American History.

Foreign Language Resource CenterThis site provides information on initiatives in the field, as well as links to helpful web sites including ERIC for foreign language.

Education Place  Publisher Houghton Mifflin's site has social studies, language arts, and math activities for K-8 students and teachers.

PBS Mathline has lesson plans and curricula ideas for grades K-12.

Mathletics  uses sports concepts and activities to teach math skills.

Illuminations is sponsored by NCTM and offers five tools for improving math instruction including math investigations, a comprehensive library of web resources and the "Inquiry on Practice" section which offers many ideas for expanding the teaching repertoire.

National Science Digital Library is a comprehensive digital library for Science, Math, Technology and Engineering resources. The CreateStudio feature allows teachers to assemble resources into movies, simulations and digital presentations that can be used in the classroom.

Hands-On Science Lesson Plans  includes lesson plans for various disciplines and grade levels.

Science Net Links is part of the MarcoPolo Education Foundation. Science NetLinks' role is to provide a wealth of resources for K-12 science educators, including lesson plans and reviewed Internet resources.

The Science Spot A teacher-created site, The Science Spot offers lots of useful material including lesson plans, activities, worksheets, and project ideas for middle school science educators, ideas to create your own Science Club or Olympiad, an assortment of projects to bring the excitement of the Junkyard Wars TV show to your classroom, tips to help you develop your own nature spot, lessons to engage your students, and excellent links to find the resources you need to make your Outdoor Classroom a hit, Daily Science Trivia, and Career Center in which students experience life from an adult's point-of-view.

Death Penalty Lessons  includes excellent lesson plans for two-week unit on the death penalty.

Egypt Lesson Plans for grades 6-8 includes three lesson plans each in the subjects of art, language arts, math and science, social studies, and mummies.

Coolmath4teachers is a helpful tool for Math educators at all grade levels.

EaEast Rock Magnet School's Music Site  has great music web sites and activities.

Art Studio Chalkboard includes lessons on perspective, shading and composition, color use, and painting tools.

Art Teacher Connection contains volumes of helpful material for art teachers.

Dave's ESL Cafe  offers links to sites that will be of particular interest to ESL students and teachers.

Knowledge Integration Environment provides science teachers with curriculum (including data sets for analysis), teaching tips, and online assistance.

Physical Education Lesson Plan Page More than 100 physical education lesson plans.

Lesson Plans and Teaching Activities for School Library Media Specialists



LD Online is a concise and informative source for the latest information on learning disabilities.

Individuals with Disabilities Education Act  is the U.S. government site on IDEA.

All Kinds of Minds is a website filled with information on alternative learning styles and methods to assist students with special needs.

Using Technology to Differentiate Instruction

Resources for Differentiated Instruction

Attention Deficit Disorder Association contains many articles, fact sheets, research and myths that pertain to ADD and Hyperactivity Disorder.

CHADD (Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder) Latest information on diagnosis and treatment.

Autism National Committee Here you'll find best practices in early intervention.

Autism Society of America provides the latest news and resources about this complex developmental disability.

OSEP Technical Assistance Center on Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support This is a bilingual site that offers the latest in school and family support, assessment, legalities and conferences.

ERIC Clearinghouse on Disabilities and Gifted Education  

National Research Center on the Gifted and Talented

Gifted Children Monthly Newsletter 

Federation of Families for Children's Mental Health  is an advocacy organization dedicated to helping children and adolescents with mental health needs.

English Language Learner Knowledge Base provides information on identifying and assessing limited English proficient students, administering home language surveys and relevant laws.


Beginning Teacher's Toolbox offers practical tips and a monthly newsletter.

Teacher Helpers Bulletin Board Ideas is a well-maintained list of links to top bulletin board web sites.

Teaching Methods contains a host of links on a variety of teaching methodologies including technology and instruction,working with students with disabilities, learning circles, inquiry-based learning, and more.

Project Zero contains an analysis of the question "What is intelligence?" as it focuses on a 32-year-old ongoing Harvard study that deals with Gardner's Multiple Intelligences.

K-12 Educational Statistics is designed to make your search for Department of Education and National Center for Education Statistics easier.

Search for Schools, Colleges and Libraries allows you to access demographics for any school, college or library district.


Everything you could ever want to know about Assessment and Rubrics from the Chicago Public Schools megasite.

The Landmark Project's Rubric Builder provides a template for building your own rubric in any subject. You can also easily clone rubrics that others have posted on the site.

Digital Portfolios This site from Mt. Edgecumbe HS in Alaska provides examples of students' digital portfolios.

Eighmey's Think Tank offers theoretical background, resources, and procedures regarding rubric development.

SRI International Performance Assessment Links in Science is filled with science performance tasks and rubrics, many with student samples.

Edmund J. Sass Math Site contains links to many math rubrics and sites for rubric building and evaluation.

Powerpoint Rubric offers a clear and extensive rubric for assessing multimedia presentations.

Rubistar is a site that creates, saves and publishes your rubric. It has easy-to-follow directions and it's free!


November Learning Alan November, one of the pioneers of technology in education, offers lots of practical information and helpful resources, as well as new ways to think about using technology in the classroom.

Weblogg-ed: The Read/Write Web in the Classroom Will Richardson offers a great starting point for using blogs in the classroom. He provides a collection of best practices and a list of resources.

Internet Projects Registry is a clearinghouse for collaborative projects from across the globe - projects hosted by the Global SchoolNet Foundation, other reputable organizations, and outstanding partner projects conducted by teachers worldwide. Part of the larger Global Schoolhouse website, this tool helps you locate projects by Age Level, Project Start Date, or Curriculum Area(s), Technologies Used, and Project Levels.

From Now On: The Educational Technology Journal This online journal, published by Dr. Jamie McKenzie, offers information and direction for integrating technology into the curriculum.

International Society for Technology in Education is a valuable gateway to exploring collaborative projects available on the Internet.

Multimedia Schools Magazine is a practical journal to assist educators in using technology effectively in the classroom.

EContent is an online magazine dedicated to information technology.

WebQuest Basics offers resources and support materials for novices and experts in developing and using webquests.

Web Quest Generator includes a form to help you design a web quest.

Web Quest Rubric Maker this rubric can be customized and used with students.

Filamentality is a web site provided by Packard Bell which allows the user to create web pages and webquests for student use. There are also thousands of ready-made pages from which to choose. It's as easy as using a word processor!

Blue Web'n is a huge collection of teacher-built, web-based activities, hotlists, lesson plans and tutorials. Sign up to get a weekly notice of new web sites inh your subject area.

Virtual Field Trips

TeacherWeb allows you to create mini web sites and hotlists of your favorite links. is the web site of Technology and Learning magazine, the Well-Connected Educator, and SchoolTECH Expo. Provides articles about technology in the classroom, software and web site reviews, and information about grants, contests, and other funding opportunities.

The Web Search Strategy Page offers lots of good advice on searching the internet using directories, search engines and specialized databases. Follow the tutorials to become an expert in search strategies and tools.

The Media Awareness Network provides activities on evaluating web sites.


Plagiarism Q&A Links to questions about plagiarism.

The New Plagiarism: Seven Antidotes to Prevent Highway Robbery in an Electronic Age This article provides teachers with methods to discourage plagiarism.

Cheating 101: Paper Mills and You This tutorial is a primer on online paper mills.

You can check potentially plagiarized text using our subscription to software. Please see the high school library information specialist for details.


Faculty Shack is a quarterly e-zine that deals with issues important to teachers in a funny and irreverant format "created by teachers for teachers."

The Chronicle of Higher Education


National Council of Teachers of English Homepage

National Council for the Social Studies

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Homepage

Math Teacher Link provides professional development and classroom resources for high school teachers.

National Science Teachers Association

American Association for the Advancement of Science

American Chemical Society

American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Language

National Art Education Association

National Association for Music Education

National Middle School Association

National High School Association

Association for Educational Communications and Technology

National Association for Gifted Children

National Education Association

ASCD (Association for Supervision and Curriculum)