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IB Resources


Research Resources

The entire LVHS Library web page is filled with resources for you to utilize for your historical investigations and extended essays. There are some sources that can be extraordinarily helpful and they are listed here. Feel free to e-mail Mrs. Mierlak with your research questions.

Mrs. Mierlak's E-Mail

  • Questia is a database available to IB students.  This database contains thousands of scholarly books and journals on a variety of topics. 
  • In the library, be sure to take a look at the set of American Decades Primary Sources. These books are organized by decade from 1900 - 1999 and offer a wealth of primary sources on political, social, economic and other topics in American history. They can be found in the reference section REF 973.91 AME/PRI.
  • Several online electronic databases can be extremely helpful for your historical investigations. Be sure to take a look at The Historical New York Times and the Annals of American History for primary sources.
  • The Library of Congress American Memory website has a wealth of digitized documents from every era in American history. Check out the periodicals from American history.
  • Although we have many wonderful sources at our library, some of your projects will require you to go beyond the resources of the LVHS Library. You can look at what's available in the Nassau Public Library System by using the alisweb catalog. Your local public librarian can interlibrary loan books from other libraries in Nassau County. Also worth a look is the C.W. Post library in Greenvale. You may look at their catalog online. You may visit the Post library and search materials at the library, as well.
  • Remember to check the bibliographies of books and periodical articles you find useful on your topic for other important sources on your subject.
  • Take a look at our General Reference Sources page and our LVHS Research Guide for more helpful assistance with your projects.


Theory of Knowledge

Ethics Videos on the Web this site includes video lectures on an extensive range of topics from Aristotle to world hunger.

IB Biology

Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering

As a starting point, use the OPAC (library catalog) for books on your topic. Some of the subjects to search would include biotechnology, forensics and/or forensic science, DNA, genetic screening and cloning.

We have several online databases that have full-text books and current articles for you to use. They include Questia, Science Direct, AP Science and Today's Science. For current news on topics such as cloning and genetic profiling, don't forget The New York Times, EBSCO and Gale Student Resource Center. Finally, if you're looking for the pros and cons on biotechnological issues, be sure to visit Gale Opposing Viewpoints and Facts on File Issues and Controversies. To use these databases at school, click on the "Online Databases" folder on your desktop and choose the database you need. From home, you will need URLs, usernames and passwords. See the gold "Online Databases" pamphlet for for this information. These pamphlets are available in the library.

Some helpful web sites:

Scirus This science-only search engine searches scientifc journals and websites for quality information.

PubMed Central is an archive of life sciences journals with many articles in full-text.

Cold Spring Harbor Lab DNA Learning Center

Department of Energy Genomes Site is a gateway to vast amounts of information on human and microbial genome programs. It includes news, fact sheets, educational resources and overviews of ethical, legal and social issues in genetic engineering.

DNA from the Beginning is a multimedia site that explores several concepts of genetics using text, graphics, animation and video clips.

National Human Genome Research Institute Check out the fact sheets and news links on this page.

Issues in Bioethics includes many links on a variety of issues in genetics and biotechnology.

Genethics is a clearing house for information on the social, ethical and policy issues associated with genetic and genomic knowledge and technology.

The President's Council on Bioethics

USDA Biotechnology and Agriculture

Medline: Genetic Testing provides a great overview of genetic testing and the issues associated with it.

Interpol DNA Profiling Page

DNA Bioscience

Canadian DNA Profiling and Forensic Center

Human Genome Project Resources Lots of links here.

Cloning Fact Sheet

Genetic Science Learning Center

IB Theatre Arts

Theatre Library Performing Arts Links

Interactive Theatre Guide provides links to information on the history of many theatre traditions.

The Kennedy Center Arts-Edge

Guide to Internet Resources in Theatre and Performance Studies

Broadway 101: The History of the Great White Way