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Computer Technology

The Computer Lab is equipped with 27 Macintosh computers, all with Internet access.  All Intermediate classes, Grades 3-5, are scheduled in the lab once a week with their teacher to work on programs selected by the teacher. A child may also be assigned to do a computer program in mathematics for extra practice.

The Intermediate School is equipped with a wireless network and a portable laptop lab consisting of Macbook wireless laptops.

Grade 3

All classes have weekly access to the computer lab with their teacher to work on programs selected by the teacher.  They use computers to create documents, drawings, use clip art and to practice math and word skills.  Use of the Internet as a resource is introduced and practiced.  There are 3 Macintosh computers in each third grade classroom.

Grade 4 and 5

Children in Grades 4 and 5 receive a “Computer License” once they become proficient in word processing and other skills.  This license enables a child to work in the computer room without his/her class.  Fourth graders learn use of the Internet for curriculum-related research, and how to create a slide show using the computer.  Each fourth grade classroom is equipped with four Macintosh computers, all with Internet access, and a 32” presentation T.V. monitor.