High school students brought their math and computer skills to the intermediate schools to expose younger children to coding or computer programming.  

The high school students used the demonstration as part of their final project in their AP Programming course and visited fourth-graders at Bayville Intermediate School and Locust Valley Intermediate School. The student-teachers broke the lesson down to a fourth-grade level, building a foundation on which the students could grow. For the high school students, teaching the lesson was a unique way for them to show their teacher they had achieved mastery level of the topic.

K-12 Math Coordinator Robert Teseo said the lesson was a benefit for all of those involved. “This was an excellent way for the high school students to demonstrate what they know, pass down their knowledge and create interest in a topic more students should be participating in,” he said.  “Coding helps students organize their thoughts and requires students to use problem-solving skills to reach a desired goal.”