Discovering Facts Through Dissection

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Bayville Intermediate School fifth-graders used hands-on activities to learn about the habits of an owl. The young scientists dissected owl pellets, pulling out all of the bones of the small animals that the owls had eaten.

From skulls and jaws to ribs and leg bones, the findings came mostly from mice and birds. Identifying each bone they found helped the students to learn the parts of a skeleton and reassembling those bones to form the correct animal reinforced how each bone connects to make the full skeleton.

Using their findings, the classes had to identify not only the bones, but what type of diet the owl eats, what habitat the owl hunted in and how many animals that owl ate. 

Bayville Elementary School Principal Scott McElhiney said the project brings science to life. “Hands-on activities such as this one help students understand how their classroom lessons relate to real life."