Recognizing Retirees for Their Years of Dedication

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Although the district is sad to say goodbye to the most recent group of retirees, a celebration held in their honor focused on the positive impact each one had on our school community. Due to the pandemic, 2020 retirees were not recognized and therefore this year’s event included them with the 2021 retirees.

Retirees and their guests joined administrators in a courtyard at the high school, where balloons and string lights created a festive environment. The sky was bright blue, and beautiful trees provided protection from the sun, as administrators called each attendee to the podium and shared something about them that was appreciated. It was clear that they will each be missed for their own distinct talents and contributions to the students, staff and community.

Congratulations and thank you to all of the retirees!

2020 Retirees

Carolyn Boz
Janice Cassone
Timothy Colleary
Winston Conn
David Cummings
Joseph Daniello
Josephine Dimasso-Rothstein
Dr. Sophia Gary
Virginia Giustino
Mary Greco
Dr. Patricia Griffin
Denise Hovance
Lisa Kleinberg
Doreen Kobus
Irene Leahy
Arlene Longo
Edwin McCoy
Deborah McKillen
Sandy Palmisano
Karen Parlapiano
Edward Pastore
Catherine Patterson
Jane Puleio
Jean Rogers
Sigrid Scaperotta
Melinda Spear
Kimberly Taylor
Chrysanthia Trevlakis

2021 Retirees

Sandra Bathie
Marlene Caggiano
Nancy Congero
Robin DiMarino
Alice Farren
Carlyn Gordon
Carmina Grella
Gabrielle Harrington
Joseph Harrison
Lynn Haslinger
Gerald Henninger
Penelope Hoffman
Prudence Kalbacher
Kathleen Kane
Mark Kardonsky
Dorothy McManus
Jo Ann Meli
Barbara Mierlak
Mary Moligano
Andrew Nardone
Diane Poelker
Jane Reilly
Teresa Scutifero
Michelle Weiner