Locust Valley High School’s Top of the Class

Two photos show the Top 15 students and the honored teachers thumbnail183359
Fifteen students and their chosen teachers were the guests of honor at the Locust Valley High School Top 15 Student Celebration and Staff Recognition on May 4. The outdoor ceremony had a feeling of warmth, with lights strung from trees, chairs grouped in threes for families and the garden’s beautiful cherry blossom tree, lilac bush and holly tree flanking the attendees. 

The students at the center of attention earned the highest grade point averages in the Class of 2021. They each chose a teacher from their Locust Valley school years, ranging from elementary through high school teachers, to be honored along with them. These influential teachers had a lasting impact on the students, giving them confidence, passion and drive. Some of the students plan to follow in their mentors’ footsteps. Others remember the encouragement they were given when they thought they couldn’t do something.

Board of Education members and administrators read passages that described the honorees, impressing the audience with students’ abilities in academics, athletics and community service and teachers’ dedication to their students. From bilingual students to young scientists looking to change the world, it was apparent that the top 15 students did not land here by accident. 

All of the honorees were also recognized at the Board of Education meeting that followed the celebration. Those that felt more comfortable remaining remote or unable to attend were recognized and welcomed on an oversized screen. 

Special thanks to the entire high school administrative team for organizing a beautiful event perfectly suited to the occasion. Their time and effort were surely appreciated by all in attendance. 

Congratulations to Locust Valley High School’s Top 15: Emily Barosin, Ethan Dessner, Madeleine Driscoll, Karina Fox, Alexander Gianoukakis, Jenna Halpin, Shawn Kapoor, Matthew Klein, Zophie Lemaitre, Sophia Marciano, Ryan Maselli, Isabella McGlone, Sabrina Raichoudhury, Timothy Sze and Zachary Watson. 

Thank you and congratulations to the honored staff members: Mariantonia Angelo, Roger Boucher, Coleen Comerford, Louis DeRose, Frank Fuggini, Mary Greco, Ashley Gruter, Joseph Harrison, Pam Lasko, Barbara Mierlak, Lori Pace, Anthony Perrone, Alan Stella and Anthony Vitale.