Fallen Marine and Former Falcon Honored

Photo of the new street signing that says Sgt. Robert Hendriks way thumbnail182634

Representatives from Locust Valley Central School District were honored to participate in a ceremony on April 17 dedicating a portion of Forest Avenue to Sgt. Robert Hendriks (LVHS ’12). The corner of Birch Hill Rd. and Forest Ave. is now called Sgt. Robert Hendriks Way and will always honor Sgt. Hendriks who sacrificed his life for our country as a United States Marine two years ago.

Superintendent of Schools Kenneth E. Graham, Ed.D., and Board of Education President Brian T. Nolan each spoke of Sgt. Hendriks’ excellent character. “I did not have the privilege of knowing Sgt. Hendriks, yet I feel as though I know who he was, and that was someone who embodied the values that we instill in the Locust Valley schools,” Dr. Graham said.

“Sgt. Hendriks clearly felt a need to serve not only his friends, neighbors and community, but his country at large,” Mr. Nolan said. “There is no greater service or sacrifice, and he will be remembered always as a hometown hero.”

Sgt. Hendriks’ best friend and classmate Christopher Tasso (LVHS ’12) reiterated to those in attendance that his friend Robby was truly a man of character. “Rob did his good quietly, never to bolster himself up,” Mr. Tasso said. “He did good because it was at the root of who he was. It was in his nature to watch out over those he cared for.”

The Locust Valley High School Back the Blue Club led the crowd in the Pledge of Allegiance, and high school junior Daniel Glavan performed the national anthem. Other participants included several politicians and Locust Valley parents and community leaders John Johnson, Michele Johnson and Michael Hogan. The ceremony was organized by Legislator Josh Lafazan.

Dr. Graham stated that he is committed to ensuring that Sgt. Hendriks’ legacy is always remembered in the Locust Valley Schools.