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Fashion for a Cause

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Locust Valley High School’s Fashion Club members combined their creativity and desire to help others by creating submissions for The Bra-ha-ha competition held in Manhattan in November. The event, which the club has participated in for several years, is sponsored by the Karen Allen Donovan Foundation to support breast cancer research.

The club members fundraised to pay for the materials needed for their creations and the fee to submit their pieces to the event. Brainstorming and collaboration resulted in the creation of three artistic bras, along with statements to support their designs. The bras were on display at the event along with many others.  

Fashion club adviser Melanie Mooney said participation in this event allowed students to support an important cause and created awareness for breast cancer research. Proceeds from the event supported the Karen Allen Donovan Foundation.  

Sophomores Isabella Ardeljan and Haley Neves created a bra called Reflection & Rebirth. Their submission represented the transition from hardship and struggle to recovery and survival. Flowers blooming from the cracks of a mirror symbolize the beauty of rebirth and life. It represents overcoming conflict and viewing life with value, peace and prosperity. 

Seniors Nitha Paulus, Danielle Caso and Ashleigh Capozzi entitled their bra “Empower Women, Empower America,” representing empowerment and the strides made in women’s independence as seen in the Wonder Woman comics. The three student designers have unique qualities and when planning their design, they felt it incorporated a piece of each of their personalities.

Alumna Daniella Orlassino created a bra as a member of the club last year; however, the event was canceled, so her creation was included this year. Her work represented the Roaring ’20s. She said the bra’s sparkling silver, rhinestones and emerald green stones are reminiscent of the scene in “The Great Gatsby” when Jay Gatsby saw the green light from Daisy Buchanan’s house from across the water. Daniella said that era not only included flashy parties, but also saw progress for women, who gained the right to vote and found their voices in fashion and makeup. 

“The confidence women gained is what this bra represents,” she said.