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Team Attacks First Boys Volleyball Season

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A group of male athletes at Locust Valley High School had the honor of being the first ever Locust Valley High School boys volleyball team, and they worked hard to make sure that boys volleyball earned a reputable name under their leadership. They may not have been the No. 1 team in their league, but they were No. 1 in many other ways.
Coach Kristen Murray led the team from scratch. Only a few of the members had ever played organized volleyball before, having had some experience at the middle school level, yet all of them had determination and grit. Coach Murray said the team is made up of hard workers determined to grow athletically. 

“Through their hard work, the team improved greatly throughout the season,” she said. While they could not be expected to beat schools that had volleyball teams for years before, she said they show much promise for the future.
Danielle Turner, Ed.D., director of health, physical education and athletics, said that building a team from the ground up takes time. “We are setting the foundation for the program at the middle school level, introducing a higher level of play and teaching advanced skills at the junior varsity level, and preparing them to be a force at the varsity level one day in the future.”
The Locust Valley community looks forward to watching the team grow and seeing what they do next season.