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Thanking First Responders

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Saying thank-you to first responders was how a fifth grade class at Bayville Intermediate School reflected on the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. Students in Mrs. Price’s class created cards with patriotic drawings on the cover and words of thanks inside, after discussing as a class the various words that describe first responders.

Selfless, brave, strong, caring, protective, courageous and helpful were among the words the class used to describe firefighters, police officers, doctors, nurses, emergency medical technicians, members of the military and lifeguards, among others.

Using these descriptive words, the students wrote personal messages inside each card after decorating the covers. Mrs. Price delivered the cards to the Bayville Fire Company. “This is an age-appropriate activity in which the students can reflect on the events of 9-11 and learn about showing thanks to those who risk their live to keep us safe,” Mrs. Price said. “In addition to being a great lesson, it makes us all feel good.”