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Welcome to Middle School!

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It’s one of the age-old concerns for students entering middle school – will they figure out how to use their combination locks? The agenda for sixth-grade orientation helped ease those concerns, and the newest middle school students now understand that in no time, they will be opening their lockers with lightning speed. 

Learning locker skills was just one of many topics covered to ensure a smooth start to the school year. Students were introduced to the school’s administrators, given an overview of the rules (i.e., more independence comes with more responsibility) and offered tours of the middle school led by seventh graders. The tours were individualized so that each student went to their own classes as well as the main areas of the school, such as the cafeteria, library, gymnasium and nurse’s office. 

Each incoming sixth grader was given a Chromebook, which they will keep for the school year, using it at home and at school for seamless continuity.

Parents were invited to their own orientation in which they heard specifics about the middle school and had the opportunity to ask questions about the Parent Portal, where they can see their child’s grades and class schedule.

Middle School Principal H. Thomas Hogan said the teachers and administrators understand that sixth graders have a healthy combination of excitement and anxiety about entering middle school. “Orientation is designed to make them feel comfortable, to ease the transition and to answer the questions they have,” he said. “Teachers will offer the same support throughout the year, ensuring that students succeed not only academically, but emotionally as well.”