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Recognizing Staff Milestones

Honorees at the LVCSD Retirement and Service Honoree Dinner thumbnail120142
Retirees at the LVCSD Retirement and Service Honoree Dinner thumbnail120143
The Board of Education recognized district employees on June 4 for their dedication to the Locust Valley Central School District. The individuals being honored were either retiring or celebrating milestones with the district as they have been employed for 25-, 30-, or 35-years of service.

Board of Education trustees read speeches describing the individual attributes of each honoree in attendance, from their professional accomplishments to plans for the future. Friends, family and colleagues sat in the audience proudly applauding the honorees and shedding a few tears for those leaving us.

Board of Education Vice President Kerian Carlstrom was recognized for her service to Locust Valley Central School District. Board of Education President Brian T. Nolan thanked her for volunteering six years to the betterment of the school district.

Following the speeches, staff members, administrators and Board of Education trustees joined together on the dance floor. The district thanks the Locust Valley School Employees Association for providing a DJ to enhance the event.

Congratulations to all of the honorees!

Henry Alilionis, Brenda Bell , Denise Bender, Chao-Sheng Cheng, John DeMario, Meris First, Susan Fodera, Marla Fuchs , Erin Keys, Kathleen Kulbaba, Christine Kurkowski, Mary Jo Roth, Lynn Youngs and Leslie Zaleski.

25-Year Anniversary:
Elizabeth Boudreau, Joe Harrison, Larry Lynch, Jo Ann Meli, Katy Sege, Ingrid Stewart, Clayton Stewart and Dawn Vissicchio.

30-Year Anniversary:
Shari Zindman

35-Year Anniversary:

Denise Bender, Winston Conn and Edwin McCoy.