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LVHS Artists Learn From Alumna

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Locust Valley High School IB art students learned just what their IB art classes can do for them when they visited the exhibit of a Locust Valley High School alumna. 

High school art teachers Donna Chaplin and Linda DeFeo led their students on a trip to Manhattan to see the art exhibit of their former student Julia Ryan, Class of 2013.

Julia told the current IB students that taking IB courses benefited her greatly in college. She explained that the program prepares artists to take their work and themselves seriously. She also said it was helpful that friends she met in college from other countries such as India and Brazil had taken some of the same courses that she took. 

Ms. Chaplin said it is important that students experience art outside of their screens. “Our IB students are going through the process of developing and presenting a body of work,” she explained. “Seeing how Julia sets up her collection for view and listening to how she gets inspired to create her different series of works helps our students make the mental connection with what they are currently trying to achieve in their classes.”