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Spotlight on Science

Two students show off their experiment. thumbnail113073

Ideas were developed, hypotheses stated and experiments conducted in preparation for Locust Valley Intermediate School’s science fair. Third-, fourth- and fifth-graders presented their findings at the annual event sponsored by the Locust Valley Elementary School Parents’ Council.

Young scientists conducted research and experiments to discover, among other things, whether sanitizer or soap eliminates more bacteria from hands, how much salt is needed to make an egg float and which liquids would expand gummy bears the most.

LVI science lab instructor Caroline McBride said the students conduct their experiments and create their poster boards at home using knowledge they have gained from the science curriculum. “The science fair is an excellent way to enhance and reinforce what we are learning in school,” she said.

Each project was judged by high school students in the science research program along with high school science teachers Chris Hoppner and Alan Stella.

Congratulations to all the participants and to the following winners:

Third Grade

First Place: Up, Up and Away, by Gavin Hoban and Asher Zito

Second Place: Best Hockey Shot, by Logan Moran

Third Place: Comparing the Environmental Impact of Different Types of Light Bulbs, by Ava Gross

Fourth Grade

First Place: Where Are the Germs in Your Neighborhood? by Russell Dardzinski and Peter Norby

Second Place: Beware of Your Hands, by Julianna Hach, Izabella Sammut and Izabella Watson 

Third Place: Mind Over Batter, by Ellis Blair and Kate Bodian
Fifth Grade

First Place: Density Water Bot Rocket, by Rowan Shenoy

Second Place: OJ Art Blasters, by Juliette D’Addario and Olivia Manning

Third Place: Yummy Growing Gummy Bears, by Emily Gallo, Lily Goodstein and Natalee Weiss