Standing on the mini-theater stage, spotlights pointed directly at them, courageous and talented students overcame their nerves to perform original scenes and monologues that ranged from dramatic to comedic. Their success could be measured by the audience reactions of shock, sadness, laughter and repeated applause. 

The Ninth Annual Writers/Directors’ Spring Showcase provided a unique opportunity for participants to use their creative abilities to write monologues that they performed solo or with the acting assistance of their peers. For several months, students work with advisors Lawrence Lynch and Adele Bolitho, both LVHS English teachers. They perfect their scripts to tell the best story they can, aiming to evoke emotion from the audience. They learn to write, edit and perform in the process. 

Lynch and Bolitho agree that students grow in many ways throughout this process. “We see some quieter students come out of their shells and we see others learning to work with their peers,” Bolitho said. “The best part is that they have fun and they cannot wait to do it again.”

This year’s monologues included:

“The Driving Lesson” by Michelle Angelo with Aynsley Leonardis and Mickey Shearer. 

“Saudade” by Caroline Pierno with Mickey Shearer.

“Secrets” by Tori Rufrano.

“Life is Funny” by Jamie Murcott with Megan Prosser and Shanaz Sanjana.

“The Interview” by Mary Kenny with Jack Shearer.

“Interrogation” by Charlie Compono with Kevin Spence.

“Of Men and Mice” by Brooke D’Spirito

“The Bridge” by Daniel Peterson with Charlie Compono.

Stage Managers: Aynsley Leonardis and Will Campanella

Lighting: Andrew Edwins

Technical Support: Evan Lautato and Colin White

Produced and Directed by Adele Bolitho and Lawrence Lynch