Putting their science curriculum to practical use, participants in the annual Locust Valley Intermediate School Science Fair made discoveries about animals, plants and people.

Although they worked on the projects at home, students in grades three through five relied on the knowledge of science acquired in school to develop a hypothesis and then prove that theory. They did this through research, conducting experiments and making conclusions based on their results.

Students discovered why we yawn, if dogs are colorblind, if a potato can act as a battery and whether a plant will grow better with tap water or sugar water. 

LVI science lab instructor Caroline McBride said the science fair provides enrichment for the students as well as fun. “They have the opportunity to use the skills they’ve learned in school, and they enjoy the process of discovery,” she said. 

Students in the high school’s science research program served as judges for the fifth consecutive year, along with their teachers Chris Hoppner and Alan Stella. “This collaboration allows the high school students to serve as role models, giving the younger students something to aspire to as they move up to the middle school and high school science programs,” said Hoppner.

Congratulations to all of the participants and the following winners:

Third Grade: 

First Place: Gianna Palleschi, “Sugar Water vs. Tap Water on Plant Growth”

Second Place: Jenna Linden, “Electrical Magnetism”

Third Place: Claire Sellars, “A Trip to Space”

Honorable Mention: Orlando Watson, “Refraction in Action”

Fourth Grade:  

First Place: Daniel Glavan, “The Matter of Sound”

Second Place: Aidan Moran and Kieran Moran, “The Nutrients Keeper”

Third Place: Danielle Jauregui, “The Effect of an iPod on Completing Task”

Honorable Mention: Max Cohen and Mikey Cervoni, “Force Ninja”


Fifth Grade:  

First Place: Michael McGlone, Kyle Kalendarian and Ethan Vitale, “Sound Waves and Acoustic Levitation”

Second Place: Hope Kim and Olivia O’Connell, “Shapes and their Strengths”

Third Place: Adil Khwaja, “What’s Slowing You Down”

Honorable Mention: Elizabeth Gresalfi & Amber Linden, “Wonders of a Generator”