The sound of belly laughs filled the room as students participated in improvisational performances at Ann MacArthur Primary School and Locust Valley Intermediate School. Members of IMPROV 4 KIDS performed, ran workshops and brought students on stage to perform in skits. The professional theater program educates and entertains through creative comedy arts.

“Shout out the title of a book that you would write!” one of the actors yelled. The performers then acted out a skit using the ideas the students provided. At AMP, a handful of students in kindergarten through second grade were selected to participate by either offering words to include in the skits, or by posing in various positions based on words given to them. Following the performance at LVI, third- through fifth-graders were split into groups and offered more individualized workshops in which they could improvise in smaller group settings.

The Locust Valley Parents’ Council brought the program to the schools as part of its arts enrichment initiative. “The idea behind the LVEPC arts enrichment initiative is to expose students to exceptional professional artists in music, visual arts and theater,” said Lisa Mullarkey, a member of the LVEPC who coordinates the program. 

Thank you to the LVEPC for bringing this educational and interactive program to the students!