Twenty-two high school students were immersed in politics and received firsthand experiences of how politics work when they traveled to the nation’s capital on March 19-22 for the International Washington Area Model United Nations Conference, sponsored by George Washington University.

Conference participants argued various issues in their committees to pass laws, “secured” President Kennedy’s election, held mock trials and worked diplomatically with delegates from other countries. They were required to stay in character for the duration of committee meetings and argue from the perspective of their assigned countries or people.

 Students also took excursions to notable sites in Washington, including Capitol Hill, the Spanish Embassy, the Australian Embassy and the Indian Embassy. Some students participating in the crisis committees were thrown into “crisis situations” in which their committees convened to handle and solve actual U.N. crisis situations. 

Senior Niko Martinovic portrayed Viktor Mironov as part of the Russian Mafia Crisis Committee. His outstanding dedication and preparation for his role earned him a Verbal Commendation award.

Congratulations to all of the participants on their hard work and dedication before and during the event. The experience exposed them to new friends, new concepts and new places. The district extends special thanks to their faculty advisors, Ashley Cannone and Stephanie Kalish.