Using their fine motor skills and creative minds, students at Ann MacArthur Primary School rolled chunks of fresh clay into shapes such as balls, coils and the shape of their own hands. The artists-in-training in kindergarten through second grade learned from a Long Island University art professor how to work with the clay and how to create various shapes. The final masterpieces will be used to create artistic bowls to auction off at a Parent Council fundraiser to benefit the schools.

AMP art teacher Dana Ettinger invited her own high school art teacher, Dan Christoffel to her classes for the special lesson. An art professor at Long Island University, Christoffel taught the students the beginnings of ceramics, a class he teaches at the university. Ettinger said the children gain self-esteem from learning art and this project taught them that their individual efforts can make a difference.

Joe Gallo, an AMP parent who also works at Long Island University volunteered to help with the project by taking the students’ creations and forming them into the bowls.

The bowls will be auctioned off at the LVEPC Annual Benefit on April 17th.