Third graders used their knowledge of Japan and their cognitive skills during a culminating activity to their unit on Japanese culture. The students participated in hands-on activities such as creating Origami, Haiku, paper dolls wearing kimonos, Sudoku puzzles, fans, dragon puppets and a tasting station. There was a variety of Japanese food to taste as well, including green tea, sushi, rice crackers and mochi. 

Third graders study three cultures each year. Mexico, The Netherlands and Japan were covered in-depth throughout the school year. Students learned about how people around the world adapt to the land in which they live and how they change the land they live in to meet their needs. They also learn about various aspects of each of these cultures.

The Japanese culture celebration reinforces what the students learned in a fun and creative style. Mrs. Arthur, Mrs. Loher and Mrs. Medwed’s classes each created the same activities so students could experience a taste of Japanese culture. 

“This activity helps students to remember all of the details about the culture that we studied,” Mrs. Arthur said. “They are having so much fun that they don’t even realize they are still learning.”

Parent volunteers visited the celebration to assist students at each of the stations.