Alice Tappan Matthaei was appointed as the newest member of the Locust Valley Central School District Board of Education by a unanimous vote of the Board at the public meeting on February 10, 2016. Alice will fill the seat left vacant by the death of Sue Peterson Lubow.

After taking time to mourn the loss of their fellow member, the Board came to the conclusion that Ms. Matthaei would be a welcome addition to the Board and that in her role as Trustee, she would continue to make significant contributions to the school district. Ms. Matthaei was appointed for a short term and will be required to run for election this May in order to continue to serve on the Board.

Ms. Matthaei is a parent of three children - an LVHS freshman, an LVHS senior and an LVHS alumnus. She was raised in the district by her parents, who still live here. She attended Locust Valley schools and is extremely familiar with many aspects of the school district from academics to extracurricular activities to athletics to community service. She has volunteered her time to community groups and to the LVCSD schools for years and is thrilled to be able to continue to do so as a LVCSD Board of Education Trustee.