Bullying is a problem schools have been dealing with through the ages. However, cyber bullying is a newer and potentially more prominent problem. Middle school students, susceptible to attacks due to their heavy use of social media, have been receiving lessons on staying safe on the internet.

Laura Campbell, a crisis counselor and lead community educator at Long Island Crisis Center, spoke to middle and high school health classes regarding the complexities of cyber bullying and the role it plays on mental health.  Topics included describing the victim’s perspective, the role of those who collude, and how to create a more cohesive school community in order to reduce cyber bullying.  She also addressed how to witnesses of bullying should react – by being upstanders, rather than bystanders.

Long Island Crisis Center provides an anonymous outlet available to everyone during any difficult time. They can be reached through their 24/7 hotline number (516) 679-1111, online, or via messaging through a phone or tablet.  

FBI Agent, Danielle Messineo also visited the middles school to share information regarding online safety with eighth-grade health classes. She taught the students how to create a safe on-line environment free from online predators and cyber bullying.

Health teacher Heather De Gregorio said both of the speakers shared valuable information with her classes. ‘Online safety is a concern in this digital age and it is important that we not only teach children how to stay safe, but also what to do when they do not feel safe.”