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Using STEAM Skills to Catch Leprechauns

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Kindergarten students at Ann MacArthur Primary School are working hard to catch Leprechauns using scientific skills. The children were tasked with building leprechaun traps, thinking about how to lure the leprechauns to the traps and how to confine them once inside.

Some children deduced that leprechauns wouldn’t be able to resist a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, while others thought candy and a path of gold coins would best attract the mischievous creatures. The creations included boxes with tops that would fall on a leprechaun when he stepped inside and those with holes that the sneaky little creatures would fall down. 

The traps were built at home as an opportunity for these young scientists to work with their families, brainstorming and bonding.

A collaboration of skills including art, science and writing came together to turn a holiday known for fun into a lesson that required the use of higher order thinking and creativity. In addition to building the traps, the assignment required that three to five sentences be written to explain how the traps work. Each student additionally practiced their oral presentation skills by explaining to the class how their traps work.

Kindergarten teacher Candice Pellicane said the project was fun for the children while allowing them to think outside of the box. “The important part of this project is the thought process,” she said. “We want them to explain how they came up with their ideas and why they thought their traps would work.” She added that this project allowed students to learn while using their imaginations, which is an important part of the Kindergarten curriculum.