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Dedication Earns Students Prestigious Honors

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Hard work and dedication earned nearly 90 high school students admission into the National Honor Society. The annual induction ceremony held on Jan. 18 exuded excellence and honored the inductees in a manner befitting their accomplishments.

The evening’s theme of “Past, Present and Future” focused on mindfulness and provided the opportunity for speakers to address how the newest members of this elite society are benefiting from their past efforts and looking to their bright futures.

National Honor Society President Olivia Guma said, “You are here because of the hard work and dedication you put in.”

High School Principal Dr. Kieran McGuire spoke of the pillars that the honor society is built upon. Those pillars are scholarship, service, leadership and character. Dr. McGuire said the group’s record of service is motivating to others and that their character is what drives all of the decisions that they make. “Thank you for providing us with the inspiration of your examples and your successes.”

Board of Education President Brian T. Nolan and Superintendent of Schools Dr. Anna F. Hunderfund also shared their words of praise and wishes for the inductees’ future successes.

High school sophomore Michelle Hsu entertained the audience with a perfectly beautiful performance of Sergei Rachmaninoff’s Prelude in G Minor. The officers of the National Honor Society led the traditional candle lighting ceremony. Olivia Guma explained the candle for scholarship, secretary Emily Moran spoke of service, vice president Caroline Martocci took on leadership, and treasurer Maya Mehta shared the importance of character. 

While the society’s officers served as the masters of ceremony, the National Honor Society advisers guided them along the way. Rachel McShane and Stephanie Scavelli ensured the ceremony went smoothly and helped the officers build their leadership skills even further. 

Congratulations to all of the inductees on this impressive accomplishment!