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Bayville Holiday Tradition

Father and son create a gingerbread house. thumbnail85522

Kindergarteners at Bayville Primary School became architects for a day as they designed and built gingerbread houses that were as individual as each of the students.

Hand-eye coordination, artistic ability, creativity and even math skills helped the children to make sure the houses were strong enough to stand and were beautiful to look at it. Despite eating a few of the decorations during the process, there were plenty of colorful candies adorning each creation. Milk cartons served as the foundation of the gingerbread houses. The young architects covered the cartons with frosting and graham crackers and then let their creativity soar. Using candies such as gumdrops, candy canes, licorice twists, marshmallows, pretzels and chocolate treats, they created doors, windows, fences, trees and anything else you can imagine a house should have. 

Each kindergarten class did this project individually, inviting parents to join them for the fun. 

“It is a tradition at Bayville Primary for our kindergartners to build gingerbread houses,” said Assistant Principal Dorothy McManus. “It is a creative way to celebrate the holidays and a wonderful opportunity to invite parents to participate in their child’s day.”