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Outstanding Falcons Commit to Collegiate Athletics

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Five Locust Valley High School seniors were recognized on Nov. 10 for their commitments to collegiate athletics. These outstanding Falcons came together during a ceremony held on National Letter of Intent Day, signing their own letters and officially advancing their athletic careers.

Laine DeNatale, Julia DiMeo, Lindsay Hogan, Tighe Mullarkey and Sophia Veteri have all proven that they have the athletic ability to play at the next level and that their academic success makes them excellent candidates for their chosen schools.

Laine will join the Wake Forest University soccer team. She is a left-footed player who can play in any position. Laine is passionate, driven and hardworking both on and off the field. As team captain, she has also been the leading points scorer for the Falcons during the last four seasons.

Lindsay is one of Locust Valley’s most prolific scorers on the basketball court and one of its greatest winners. She holds the school record for points in a game (42) and led the team to an undefeated Class A county championship in 2020. She has a current 31-game winning streak. She will take her talent to the University of New Haven.

Sophia is an extraordinary student, athlete and softball player. During her four-year career on the Falcons varsity softball team, she has grown as a player and teammate, earning All-Conference honors as a junior. Pace University’s softball team will call her one of its own next year.

Julia is a standout rower, who will join the rowing team at University of Pennsylvania. She will excel both athletically and academically as a college student, as she has already done as a Falcon. Julia is accomplished academically, despite devoting endless hours to a sport outside of school.

Roger (Tighe) Mullarkey is not only advancing his athletic career, but is dedicating himself to our country as he commits to the squash team at the United States Naval Academy. This dedicated student-athlete has excelled in the sport of squash for several years, and we know he will continue to succeed as an athlete, student and midshipman.

With families looking on, Danielle Turner, Ed.D., told these Falcons that they were special and among a small percentage of students who earn a spot on a collegiate athletic team. “We are so proud of you and all you have accomplished,” she said.