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Rewarding Summer Experiences

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Running up and down the field with all their might, kindergarteners at the Locust Valley Central School District Summer Recreation Program used skills they learned during a soccer clinic to drive the ball into the goal and when they did, they erupted into cheers.

All of the campers in the summer program participated in the soccer clinic run by high school varsity soccer players John Madsen and Teegan Rowe. The members of the Class of 2021 may have graduated from high school, but they were happy to visit Ann MacArthur Primary School to share their soccer skills with the campers over two days.

John and Teegan emphasized dribbling and shooting before having each group play an actual game in which they used these skills. The clinic was one of several visiting programs that have been providing enrichment and excitement to the summer recreation program. Legos, Native American adventures, cupcake decorating and a program by the Long Island Children’s Museum are just some of the other activities that have kept campers coming back for more fun each week. Yoga sessions have also been a favorite and a visit from members of the middle school/high school robotics club was educational and inspiring. Some of the campers expressed interest in eventually joining the club themselves.

The program’s director Marie Fonzo said the campers truly enjoyed all of the activities, coming into camp excited each day. “I’m thrilled to be part of this program and see the excitement on the campers’ faces when they participate in the activities,” she said. “Having everyone together, making new friends and learning new skills has been enriching and fun for all.”