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HS Counseling Team Welcomes Ninth Graders

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High school counselors took ninth grade students outside to participate in socially distant ice breaker activities. The counselors take time at the start of each year to welcome the ninth graders, share important tips with them and facilitate relationships.

The students and counselors shared facts about themselves through games such as Three Truths and a Lie, while the counselors explained where to find their offices and how to make an appointment. Students were also introduced to the high school mental health staff, providing them with familiar faces to seek out when in need of social emotional resources. 

In addition to this ice breaker event, a video was sent to all ninth grade families in lieu of the Grade Nine Parent Night that was scheduled for Sept. 16. The video covers using Naviance, working towards an athletic scholarship, extracurricular activities and much more. The Grade 9 Parent Night presentation is on the district website at 

Locust Valley High School Assistant Principal Michelle Villa said it is important that the students develop connections with their counselors. “We want the students to feel comfortable reaching out to their counselors,” she said. “The lines of communication are always open and when counselors know their students, they can better provide the support they need.”