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Congratulations to Our Retirees!

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Combining their years of dedication to the district, this year’s retirees have served the Locust Valley community for the equivalent of more than 500 years. The roles that each of these valued members of our school district held are as diverse as they could be, yet each one made a difference that will be remembered long past their last day. 

During a year in which we may not have seen each other in person for the last few months of the school year, we didn’t get to say goodbye in the customary manner. That does not diminish our appreciation for these individuals or mean that we will not have a personal goodbye in the future.

From buildings and grounds staff to classroom teachers, bus drivers and administrators, the next school year will begin without these special employees. We wish each of them many happy years enjoying retirement and thank them for their dedication to Locust Valley.

Congratulations to Carolyn Boz, Jaqueline Carrozza, Janice Cassone, Winston Conn, Joseph Daniello, Josephine Di-Masso-Rothstein, Sophia Gary, Ed.D., Virginia Giustino, Mary Greco, Patricia Griffin, Ed.D., Doreen Kobus, Irene Leahy, Arlene Longo, Edwin McCoy, Karen Parlapiano, Edwin Pastore, Catherine Patterson, Jane Puleio (Benstock), Jean Rogers, Sigrid Scaperatta, Melinda Spear, Chrysanthia Trevlakis and Lorraine Yamond.