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Senior Receives Tim Bassett Leadership Award

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Locust Valley High School senior Frank Marrone received the Tim Bassett Leadership Award from the Athletes Helping Athletes Workshop Coordinators of Nassau County.

Frank was selected for his leadership within the Locust Valley community, as well as his dedication and commitment to the Athletes Helping Athletes Program. His ability to connect and provide guidance for the younger students in the community has been recognized over his four years as a member of the program.

Tim Bassett, for whom the award is named, impacted the Student-Athlete Leadership Program profoundly during his time as a lead mentor. His ability to connect and inspire enriched the lives of thousands of fellow leaders. Basset’s AHA legacy is multi-dimensional. His overarching themes of leadership were inclusion, respect for others, commitment, overcoming adversity, loyalty, and most of all, giving back to the community. His most powerful gift to his students, however, was inspiring them to believe they are all capable of having a positive influence on our communities. Those given the award in his honor must exemplify those same qualities and prove to live their life in a similar fashion. 

The first recipient from Locust Valley to win the award, Frank is among six other recipients from across New York State. Coach Lomot, co-adviser to the AHA program, states, “Frank is a class act and has dedicated so much time to helping others improve throughout his time in the Locust Valley School District. Every day of his life, he is doing something for someone without ever wanting any recognition in return. I am glad that the Athletes Helping Athletes program recognized him with this award because he truly deserves it.”