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Coronavirus Updates

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Please see below for the coronavirus updates:

  • SCOPE Education Services is providing emergency extended school-age care in partnership with Locust Valley Central School District during this difficult time. Registration is limited to first responders, medical personnel, transit workers and where space permits, other essential workers. Enrollment is on a first-come, first-served basis and enrollment may be limited based on space and/or staffing. For a list of locations, details about the program and registration information, please go to and click on the red SCOPE Emergency Child Care button. The service is paid for by the school district.


  • Our school nurses recommended the following article on the use of antibacterial products: Click here


  • High School information, including updates on Regents, IB and AP exams is on this page: Click here


  • New York State Health Insurance Options for Those in Need: Click here


Letters from the Superintendent:

Community Letter -March 2

Community Letter -March 3

Community Letter -March 13

Community Letter -March 15

 Community Letter -March17

Community Letter  - March 20

Community Letter -March 23

Letter Regarding IB Exams - March 23

Letter Regarding AP Exams  - March 23

Remote Learning Plan - March 24

COVID-19 Community Letter - March 25

School Closure Extended to April 15

Letter Regarding School Schedule Updates - April 2

Letter Regarding School Updates - April 7

Letter Regarding Board of Education Meeting - April 17



Letters in Spanish:

Community Letter Spanish - March 2

Community Letter Spanish - March 3

Community Letter Spanish - March 13

Community Letter Spanish - March 15

Community Letter Spanish - March 17

Community Letter Spanish - March 20

Community Letter - March 23

IB Testing Letter - March 23

Remote Learning Plan - March 24

COVID-19 Letter - March 25

Letter Regarding School Updates - April 7