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Students Become Editors

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Fourth and fifth graders at Bayville Intermediate School became real editors when author Jen Calonita led a workshop in which she gave them her own rough draft to review. 

The students looked for typos, grammatical errors and run-on sentences in the first draft of her book, “Outlaws.” Ms. Calonita provided what she described as the unedited version of the beginning of the book. The students found errors in capitalization, grammar and spelling.

They were reminded that spell check often does not catch spelling errors if a word can be spelled more than one way. The author also emphasized that even professional writers must reread their writing to correct errors, improve sentence structure and finetune the story.

After their editing work was done, Ms. Calonita provided students with the final version of the same pages so they could understand how reviewing their own work is a worthwhile investment in time.

Bayville Intermediate School librarian Paige Coppola said the workshop was unique and reinforced the lessons the students learn in class. “Author visits are always educational,” she said. “Having the opportunity to edit the author’s own work shows our young writers why we tell them to reread and revise their own writing.” 

The district thanks the Bayville Parents Council for bringing this author event to the school.