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Earth' Interior


Graphic Organizer of Unit

Sphere within a Sphere




Vocabulary - sphere within sphere.........

Definitions of Sphere within sphere


Wobbler Experiment



Ooblek Experiment




Vocabulary - Core, Mantle Crust

Definitions of Core Mantle Crust


Earth's Core



Earth's Mantle



Earth's Crust

Blank Review for Core - Mantle- Crust Test

Answer Key

Powerpoint Review for Core Mantle Crust Test


Vocabulary - Continental Drift and Plate Tectonics

Answer Key


Continental Drift



Plate Tectonics



Convection Current Experiment


Convection Current Power point

Plate Boundaries




Vocabulary for Minerals

Answer Key


Properties of Minerals



Mineral Formation



Uses of Minerals



Introduction to Rocks


Vocabulary for Rocks

Answer Key


Classification of Rocks



Rock Cycle

Rock Cycle Drawing Rubric


Igneous Rock Table



Igneous Rocks



Sedimentary Rocks



Metamorphic Rocks



Coral Reefs