Natural Disaster Sites - Geography and the environment. Timeline as well as a section that speaks to individual disasters. - American Meteorological Society will have instruments needed to predict weather. The earth and natural disasters. - climate change causing? - natural disaster reference data base current disasters natural disasters cannot get this in school, only at home, picture of earth for cover - a look at Mongolia & dust storms through the ages The Environmental Protection Agency enrm DisasterHome.htm pic w/ lots of shots May have to go to and leave out distaste lifeonearth-ER2.html article on natural disasters, great site, go to search to find specific information rsd/images/Fran.html chapters/s7130.html fs/natural-disasters/ hazards/images/1432.html great site all disasters 03oct/00758/ great site all disasters gfs/12/index_m.shtml weather site 050328/full/050328-3.html search the site for science