Directions:  Choose ONE of the projects listed below. 

You may NOT choose an assignment that is written in either of the other colors.

Everyone may choose an assignment written in black.

At least ONE assignment of the three (General Knowledge, Projects, and Essential Questions) must be chosen in your color.



  1. The Meteorological Society is arranging a debate between two natural disasters.  The natural disasters will debate which of the two is the most powerful.  Write the script for the debate.  Be ready to debate this issue in class.  (3 people) Rubric


  1. Create a non-fiction children’s book on natural disasters – at least 5 pages.   (2 people)  Rubric



  1. Create a fictional children’s book on natural disasters – at least 5 pages.   (2 people)  Rubric


  1. Add a chapter to an ancient history text book on natural disasters in the ancient world.  Be sure to include illustrations. (2 people)  Rubric



  1. One of the biggest problems with warning people about a natural disaster is that people do not understand their destructive power, once the disaster hits it is too late for people to get away.  Create a public service comic book that would be eye-catching and eye opening describing the power of natural disasters.  (2 people)  Rubric


  1. Different natural disasters are prominent in different parts of the world.  Use a world map to show where specific natural disasters take place.  Be sure to include all of the natural disasters and the amount of times they have “hit” that location as well as the dates.  Rubric


  1. Millions of years ago an ice age occurred.  It was a natural disaster that devastated a large portion of the planet.  Yet the planet recovered.  Choose a natural disaster and write a story, or a script for a play, in which a natural disaster occurs.  What happens to the land, the cities and countryside, and the people of the earth?  How will the earth recover?  (2 people)  Rubric



  1. What does it feel like to be in the midst of a natural disaster?  What can people do when faced with the situation?  Write a play or a story showing the lives of people in the midst of a natural disaster.  ( 2 people)  Rubric



  1. Create a mural, with a story to tell about natural disasters.  (3 people)  Rubric


  1. Write a time travel story about a character that travels in time to help people from ancient times deal with the natural disasters that occurred in their time.  Be sure to include in your story how the actions of the time traveler affect our planet now and in the future?(2 people) Rubric


  1. Write a song that discusses the cause and effects of natural disasters.  Rubric

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