Directions:  Choose ONE of the general knowledge assignments listed below. 

You may NOT choose an assignment that is written in either of the other colors.

Everyone may choose an assignment written in black.

At least ONE assignment from the three choices (General Knowledge, Projects and Essential Questions)

must be chosen in your color menu.



  1. What are the causes of natural disasters and what effect do they have on the earth?    (2 people)   Rubric


  1. Use Inspiration to list the 10 natural disasters their causes and effects. Rubric


  1. Ancient Civilizations were more vulnerable to natural disasters than we are today.  Is this statement true on all accounts?  Compare the effects of natural disasters from the past with those of today.  Rubric


  1. Make up the final for a class on the natural disaster unit.  The final must include fill-ins, multiple choice, and essay questions.  The answer key must be supplied.  (2 People)  Rubric


  1. Numerous natural disasters have occurred over the past two years.  You will research the disasters and their causes that have occurred over the past two years.  Summarize each one and tell about it.  Rubric


  1. What is the difference between a natural disaster and a man-made disaster?  How are they alike and different? Is one worse that the other?  Explain.  Is it true that man-made disasters could be caused by natural disasters?  Could natural disasters cause man-made disasters?  Explain how this could be.  Rubric


  1. Group the 10 natural disasters into categories, water, air, land, etc.  Explain how the groups are similar and different. Rubric


  1. An analogy is a comparison based on a similarity.  The words that are being compared are not usually similar.  Example: "the operation of a computer presents an interesting analogy to the working of the brain".  Write two analogies for each of the 10 natural disasters.  (2 people) Rubric 


  1. What does it feel like to be in the midst of a natural disaster?  What can people do when faced with this situation?  Write an advice column explaining the different warning systems that are in place in case of natural disasters.  Include directions explaining what people should do if they are caught in a natural disaster and were unable to heed the warnings or there were no warnings.  (2 people)  Rubric

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