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Vocabulary list

Chapter 3-1 Phases, Eclipses, and Tides

Pages 20-27

Define on Index Cards:  
1) What does “phase of the moon” mean?  
2)      Waxing:  
3)      Waning:  
4)      Crescent:  
5)      Gibbous:  
6)      Solar Eclipse:  
7)      Lunar Eclipse:  
8)      Umbra:  
9)      Penumbra:  
10)      Tides:  
11)  Spring tides:  
12)  Neap tides:  
Answer on Index cards:
13)  How is the relative motion of the Earth, the moon, and the sun related to the phases of the moon?  And how is it related to eclipses?  
14)  When would you be able to see a lunar eclipse?  
15)  When would you be able to see a solar eclipse?  
16) How does the moon affect tides on the Earth?