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Unit Topics

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Naming and Classifying Polygons Brainpop review polygons
Polygon notes WHAT POLYGON AM I? Slide Show
Regular and Irregular Polygons

Pix of  Regular Polygons

Different Quadrilaterals  
Types of lines Brian Pop Review Video Types of Lines
Types of Triangles Brain Pop Review Video Types of Triangles

Review Activity Types of Triangles

Angle Relationships

(definitions and complimentary and supplementary angles)

Learn  how to draw angles and play guess the angle game! NEW! Brain Pop Review Video Measuring Angles

Drag the protractor around and practice measuring angles FUN!

Find the Third Angle of a Triangle

Finding the Fourth Angle of a Quadrilateral  
Area of Squares or rectangles Brain Pop Review Area of Parallelograms

Brian Pop Review Area of POLYGONS 

Area of a Triangle  
Area of a Trapezoid  

The magic number PI is always found when you divide a circles circumference by its diameter!

Brain Pop Review Video PI
Circles, Radius, Diameter, Chord, Circumference

Click here for Circle vocab definitions!


Brain Pop Review Video Measuring Circles




Area of a Circle

More about Area of a Circle

Central angle of a circle