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Subtracting Mixed Numbers


1.      To subtract mixed numbers you must make                    Step 1:

      the fraction portion into “like” denominators first.                          -



2.      Text Box: 3
If the numerator of the first fraction is smaller than             Step 2:    

      the numerator of the second fraction you must regroup                         -

     the first mixed number.  To regroup: take one whole

    away from the whole number and add it as a fraction to

   the fractional portion.



3.      Subtract the fractions first then the whole numbers.                Step 3: 

Reduce if necessary.                                                                                       -




Note:  If you are subtracting a mixed number from a whole number you must regroup the whole number--- You cannot subtract from zero:

                                            25               =  

                                  -                                       -





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