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Notes on Comparing and Ordering Numbers


Aim: How can I compare and order two or more numbers?


Step 1:  Write the numbers by lining up the places (If there is a decimal, line up the decimal point)

Example:   1,483                   3

                   1,380                   1

                   1,670                   4

                   1,450                   2


Step 2:  Compare the digits from left to right:

          All the digits in the thousands place are the same, so compare the hundreds place.  300 is the least and 600 is the greatest.  Next compare the tenís place of the numbers that both have a 4 in the hundredís place.


Step 3:  Order the numbers






You can also use inequality symbols to show comparison:

          <  means less than

          >  means greater than

          =  means equal to


Example:   4,563,082 < 4,574,082

                               Less than