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Area of Squares and Rectangles

Area is always expressed in square units!!

Area of a Square

If l is the side-length of a square, the area of the square is l2 or l  l.


What is the area of a square having side-length 3.4?
The area is the square of the side-length, which is 3.4  3.4 = 11.56.

Area of a Rectangle

The area of a rectangle is the product of its width and length.


What is the area of a rectangle having a length of 6 and a width of 2.2?
The area is the product of these two side-lengths, which is 6  2.2 = 13.2.


Area of Squares are calculated by multiplying the length times the width and since a square has all equal sides we are actually multiplying a side by itself. We can write this as area of square = s2 (s is the length of the side)

***Remember area is always expressed in square units; in2, ft2, cm2, m2 etc.