Required Supplies

2 Black and White marble hard-covered graph quadrilateral notebooks for math (not spiral)

(one notebook for each half of the year) ***please don't get a pad of graph paper for your notebook

2 boxes of #2 pencils (sharpened before school)

1 box of blue or black ballpoint pens (no colors)

1 Mead five-star premier 3 subject notebook (150 sheets with 6 pockets each and perforated pages )(for science)

5 two pocket folders, polypropylene folders: Red-math, Blue-science, Green-English, Yellow-Social Studies,

1 pkg. graph paper in addition to your math notebooks

1 file box for 3X5 index cards - for science only

2 pkg. 3X5 index cards - (you will use more than this)

2 boxes of tissues/baby wipes - give 1 to Science teacher and 1 to English teacher

Please label the front of all notebooks, folders and covered textbooks with the following:

  • Student's Name

  • Mrs. Caballero

  • Subject

If you'd like to get yourself in order before school begins, this list should help you!



Red Folder

At least 3 sharpened pencils inside of a pencil case

Marble Graph Notebook (pref. Hard -Cover)

Graph Paper (Put about 20 sheets of graph paper inside of the red folder) * Leave the rest at home

Glue Stick





Blue folder

Spiral 3 subject notebook

1 package of Index cards in file box  *leave the rest at home

3 pens and a pencils in a pencil case


Glue Stick



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