Moon’s Gravity



Find your weight on the moon  



Gravity is Earth’s gravity – Objects weigh much less on the moon


Your Earth weight divided by 6

= Moon weight


*Our weight on Earth is 6 x more than on the moon


30 days in

28 Days




 Mirror on the Moon                




Sept., April, June and November



Scientists left a mirror on the Moon to help them calculate the distance from Earth to the Moon. They knew how fast light travels, they bounced a beam of light from Earth to the Moon and timed how long it took to get back.




First Missions to the Moon





Apollo Missions



Michael Collins




never touched the moon’s surface – orbited the moon in the Columbia



Neil Armstrong






1st man to step on moon - 1969



                    Edwin Aldrin





2nd man to step on moon - 1969




Size of Moon






Diameter is ¼ Earth’s size



Lunar Month





The time that it takes from one full moon to another 29. 5 days




Largest crater on the moon?





the largest crater on the moon is called Copernicus



What causes the phases of the Moon?




The revolution of the Moon around the Earth and its relation to the Sun causes it to appear to change shape

The moon goes through all 8 phases in 29.5 days (its period of revolution)

The moon does not have light, it just reflects the sun’s light



Compare the period of rotation of the moon

to the period of rotation to the Earth.







Lunar Latin word









**Three theories of how the moon was formed. IN DETAIL!!!!







Moon’s Period of Rotation-

27. 3 Days

Moon revolves around the Earth


Earth’s Period of Rotation- 24 hrs




 for Moon





1) The moon formed millions or billions of kilometers away and was later captured by Earth’s gravity.

2) The moon formed from the same cloud of gas and dust that the Sun, Earth and the rest of our solar system formed from. The moon rocks lend support to this theory.  Big Bang Theory

*3) A giant asteroid (the size of Mars) hit the Earth and tore a chunk out of Earth’s surface. The Chunk is now our moon (stayed in orbit due to Earth’s Gravity.) The hole that was left on Earth is now the Pacific Ocean. This is also supported by moon rocks.




*Apollo Command Module Columbia     




orbited the moon



*Lunar Module Eagle






Lunar module – Eagle explored the moon


Far side of the Moon


Near side of the Moon




We never see the Far Side of the Moon

We view the Near Side




The Moon’s Rotation Time





The Moon’s Revolution Time




Moon’s Period of Rotation


27.3 days - same as its revolution




Moon’s Period of Revolution





27.3 days - same as its rotation


Lunar Month

The time that passes between one full moon to the next

29.5 days




****Study Moon Phases


**** Calculate Weight   (Earth – Moon     and    Moon- Earth)