This power plant in New Mexico releases sulfur dioxide and particulate matter into the air.



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Chapter Five

Energy Resources

Section One

Notes on Energy Resources        
        Nuclear Power Plant Activity!

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        Online Practice Test!

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Chapter Four        
Energy Energy Resource Vocab- Energy Resource Vocab-Defined   Brain Pop-Energy Sources
        Brain Pop- Fossil Fuels
Pollution Power Point       Brain Pop- Natural Resources
Land Pollution

Section Two

Land Pollution Pollution Vocab- Pollution Vocab-Defined Brain Pop-Recycling
        Brain Pop- Nuclear Energy
Hazardous Waste Disaster       Brain Pop- Nuclear Energy
Radioactive waste Disaster        
        Sanitary Landfill Activity!

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Air Pollution

Section Four

        Brain Pop-Air Pollution
Air Pollution       Brain Pop-Air Pollution Advanced
 Temperature Inversion Image
Temperature Inversion Diagram       More on Air Pollution!

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Air Pollution PowerPoint       To see how ozone is formed, click here!
Water Pollution

Section Three

Water Pollution       Brain Pop-Ph Scale
        Brain Pop-Acids and Bases
        Brain Pop- Water Pollution
        More on Cleaning up Oil Spills!

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        Online Practice Test!

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**Power Point Pollution Test Review **