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Slide Show- Earth's Layers, Rocks, Plate Tectonics, Plate Boundaries


We live in a Sphere within a Sphere   Vocab. List- Sphere within a Sphere Vocab. Defined- Sphere within  a Sphere  

Earth's Interior



Structure of the Earth

Web  Code:  scn-1011


Earth's Crust   Vocab. List-Layers of the Earth Vocab. Defined-Layers of the Earth Brain POP Review Earth's Structure
Earth's Mantle

Oobleck Experiment

Slide Show





Earth's Core



Crust, Mantle, Core Review!

Slide Show


***Study guide answers! ***

Continental Drift  

Convection Current Experiment

Slide Show

Vocab. List-Continental Drift & Plate Tectonics Vocab Defined-Continental Drift & Plate Tectonics

More on Convection Currents

Web  Code:  cfd-1012

Interactive Practice!

Do you know the steps of how heat is transferred in the mantle?

Plate Tectonics  

Plate Tectonics Vocab.

Slide Show


Brain Pop Review Plate Tectonics


Plate Boundaries


Minerals       Brain Pop Review Mineral Identification
The Rock Cycle

The Rock Cycle

The Rock Cycle

    Brain Pop Review The Rock Cycle

How are Rocks Formed?

Brain Pop Review- Types of Rocks
Sedimentary Rocks        Sedimentary Rocks Rocks  
Igneous Rocks     Igneous Rocks  
Metamorphic Rocks     Metamorphic Rocks  

Interactive Practice! Can you name these Rocks?

Rock Hound Quiz