Suggestions for Parents


1. Communicate with your child daily about class.

2. Make sure your child is using the planner. 
Something should always be written on a daily basis for math and science. If there is not homework then the word "none" will be written.

3. Your child's math notebook and folder and his/her science notebook and folder should be home EVERY night!!! Even if the assignment gets finished in school, your child needs to address previous errors made, summarize lessons, formulate questions to be asked in class...a little bit of practice/studying each night goes a long way!

4. If needed, check your child's assignments nightly and help to organize their materials. (Check on the website if necessary.)

5. It is imperative that your child completes and understands all
homework assignments. Mathematics builds on itself and if your child misses just one concept, it could prevent him/her from understanding other concepts. 

6. Make sure that in the case your child is absent from school, 
that he/she completes and turns in, any missed assignments.  
Another classmate can help by informing your child of the specific
missed assignments.

7. Please sign all graded quizzes/tests. A summary of grades for the marking period should be kept by your child in his/her notebook. 

8. Tests will be announced one week in advance. Quizzes are not always announced.

9.  Provide for a focused study time, free of computer, TV, radio, and telephone (supervise and assist during this time if necessary).

10. Questioning is a very important part of learning.  Encourage your 
child to ask in class if something is not fully understood. There is 
always time for student questions.

11. Encourage your child to seek help at lunch or after school if more help is needed on a concept. 





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