Order of the Universe the big picture Our Cosmic Address


Planet Earth: Planet Earth is our home planet.   It is the ground beneath our feet!

Solar System: The sun is the star of our Solar System.   All of our planets orbit the sun.

Galaxy: Every galaxy contains billions of stars.   Our galaxy is the Milky Way .   Many planets, moons, asteroids and such orbit each of the stars. These are called Solar Systems.

Supercluster : A supercluster is a system of many galaxies.   We belong to the Virgo Supercluster .

Universe : The Universe was created 13 billion years ago from the Big Bang. Our universe contains thousands of superclusters .



Our Cosmic Address-Simplified

Planet Earth

Solar System - Our Solar System has a star called the Sun in the center of it.

Milky Way Galaxy- contains billions of stars. Our sun is one of billions of stars in the Milky Way Galaxy.

Virgo Supercluster- made of thousands of galaxies

Universe-contains thousands of superclusters

The planets in order- starting with the planet closest to the sun

(Rhyme to help you remmber the planets in order- My Very Excellent Mother, Just Served Us Nine Pies!)

M ercury





S aturn

U ranus

N eptune

P luto